Haiku Mill

Haiku Mill
As you enter the Haiku Mill, suddenly you are transported to a surreal fantasyland. I've photographed wedding all over the Napa Valley and nothing there can match the ambience of this unique location. Rather than removing the wedding couple from their event for beach photos, I always offer to include a beach session, gratis, while they are on island.

Photos of a beautiful bride and the amazing Haiku Mill, Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

Vanessa & Brian Four Seasons, Haiku Mill, Haiku Sugar Mill, Hawaii, Keawala'i, Makena, Mama's Fish House, Maria Lanakila, Maui, Old Lahaina Luau, Olowalu, Photography, Plantation House, Pua Lea, Ritz, Royal Lahaina Resort, Wedding  photo 107_zps24d11edd.jpg  photo 133_zps310120b6.jpg  photo 137_zps8018fa76.jpg  photo 139_zps6a2fa654.jpg  photo 162_zps61adb463.jpg  photo 222_zps0da3e781.jpg  photo 229_zpsafe529d8.jpg  photo 232_zps1d25e1d2.jpg  photo 304_zpsd181a8e0.jpg  photo 252_zpsd4687f6a.jpg  photo 310_zps5950714c.jpg  photo 324_zps75e8cec5.jpg  photo 327_zpsc1b300ab.jpg  photo 362_zpsd079d2d0.jpg  photo 379_zps90b11369.jpg  photo 390_zps74a6cefd.jpg  photo 404_zps54d16f68.jpg  photo 436_zps15b3c33c.jpg  photo 442_zpsff06b6f1.jpg  photo 445_zps03e1ccaa.jpg  photo 459-2_zps64da02d3.jpg  photo 464_zps76422adf.jpg  photo 475_zpsc28c96c0.jpg  photo 529_zps78f24103.jpg  photo 534_zps13cf3d81.jpg  photo 555_zps53f2b4ac.jpg  photo 595_zps4ff216e6.jpg  photo 543_zpsba9b5a1b.jpg

Riding bikes at their wedding at the Haiku Mill, Haiku, Maui, Hawaii

Kathy & Devon  photo 102_zps75758afa.jpg  photo 119_zpsea7dafb8.jpg  photo 122_zpsf9c71e27.jpg  photo 224_zpsa50c5ded.jpg  photo 236_zpsc119cdea.jpg  photo 250_zpsf7b0d12b.jpg'  photo 256_zps5d1d3596.jpg  photo 274_zps68b48427.jpg  photo 291_zps875e2288.jpg  photo 327_zps6f5f6e70.jpg  photo 382_zps06507408.jpg  photo 385_zps21cec32f.jpg  photo 392_zps214be1ea.jpg  photo 432_zpsd76eba04.jpg  photo 453_zps8e545a30.jpg  photo 470_zps52efd4be.jpg  photo 495_zps2dbb4594.jpg  photo 537_zpsefea864d.jpg  photo 544_zps5a18e31a.jpg  photo 553_zps0010b5f7.jpg  photo 561_zpse7840999.jpg  photo 578_zpscf7e0699.jpg  photo 582_zpsc8f6a35c.jpg  photo 592_zpsa57dbb39.jpg  photo 595_zpse6b2c9b6.jpg  photo 598_zps0f122349.jpg  photo 657_zpsa355c779.jpg  photo 666_zpsd1876c35.jpg  photo 676_zpsdb6db7dd.jpg  photo 681_zps1f545748.jpg  photo Untitled-1_zpsf0c31fef.jpg